Posting date: October 3, 2018

Application deadline: rolling / asap

Start Date: November 1, 2018 or earlier

Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun (UUCL) is seeks a Part-Time Office & Facilities Administrator! We are a small vibrant spiritual Unitarian Universalist congregation. We gather in a historic church on Gleedsville Road a few miles from downtown Leesburg, VA. We value religious pluralism, full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, the rights of undocumented people, and we proclaim that Black Lives Matter.

We are seeking a part-time (10-20 hours per week) Office and Facilities Administrator to start on or before November 1. The Administrator provides administrative support and coordination for programs and operations of the Church and the Congregation. Hours are flexible, but certain days and work hours may be required to communicate effectively with other staff and church members. Some Sundays required. Most office work may be done from home but on-site presence is required at least twice per week and sometimes more.

You would work closely with the Minister and be responsible for our e-newsletter, weekly What’s Happening email, and weekly Order of Service with inserts, general administration including some bookkeeping and coordinating care of our facilities.

People of all religious and spiritual practices are welcome to apply to help us live our mission, vision, and values.

To apply: Send resume and position-specific cover letter, both in pdf format, to: minister (at) This position requires attention to detail: applications that do not follow these instructions will not be considered.


Full Job Description:

Hours: 10-20 hours/week. (Some weeks will require more hours and some weeks require fewer hours, specifics determined in consultation with minister.) Days/hours of the workweek determined in consultation with the Minister and will be recorded in the weekly timesheet.


Compensation: $18/hour.

Status: hourly, non-exempt employee, part-time

Reports to: Minister. The minister, with input from others with whom the employee works closely, will complete an Annual Performance Review.

Background: must complete a background check and have no disqualifying offenses*

Job Summary: The primary function of this position is to provide administrative support and coordination for programs and operations of the Church and the Congregation. The Office & Facilities Administrator is a vital hub for communication both internally within our congregation and externally with visitors and the community at large.


The Administrator is supervised by and works closely with the Minister. The Administrator also works closely with other Church staff, the Treasurer, the Board President and chairs of the committees and teams.



Experience with Microsoft Office, computer literacy, the ability to upgrade and maintain or learn to use a WordPress-based website, ability to use or learn to use a membership database, skills in desktop publishing, ability to proofread and edit.

Familiarity with Church operations is helpful but not required.

Minimum educational requirement: high school diploma or equivalent.


Communication: 1.) Creation and publication of e-newsletter; 2.) Maintain, upgrade and update church website; 3.) Use social and online media for outreach sharing information about the Church and its programs; 4.) Maintain an accurate and up to date online church calendar; 5.) Maintain an accurate online church directory and add visitors to the weekly announcement and discussion lists; 6) Manage phone calls, voice mail, email, USPS mail as needed; 7.) Facilitate communications with staff and members as needed;

Worship life of the church: 1.) Prepare order of service for weekly worship, holiday services and rites of passage; communicate with the service leader prior to and leading into the service; send service participant reminder emails.

2.) Maintain supplies needed for worship such as candles, materials for holiday services and rites of passage for members of the Church; 3.) Maintain supplies needed for social hour such as coffee, tea, sugar, etc. as well as for basic church function such as paper towels, toilet tissue, etc.

Facilities maintenance 1.) Alert appropriate church leader(s) and/or contractor about building issues (such as lack of heat; maintenance needs; cleaning problems); 2.) Communicate with utility companies; 3.) Address matters that come up with regular building renters; 4.) Serve as liaison with the cleaning contractor, septic tank company, and landscaping (mowing and snow removal) company 5.) Refer issues to appropriate church staff or member leaders; 6.) Communicate with county regarding permits and updates; 7.) Monitor and obtain cleaning supplies.


Supports financial management 1.) Distributes all relevant emails, correspondence, packages, messages, and voicemails promptly to the Treasurer (or Treasurer’s designee) and other staff and committees 2.) Assist Treasurer in maintaining the integrity of financial records and files.  Copies, not original documents, of requested files will be provided to requesting individuals; 3.) Collect all monetary donations, enter into QuickBooks and make bank deposit. 4) Enter invoices received by the church into QuickBooks for processing.

Manages information 1.) Prepare internal documents and communications such as Annual Meeting reports, newcomer information; 2.) Maintain electronic and/or hard copy files for legal and other documents, policies, minutes and annual reports, and financial records.

Manages equipment and supplies 1:) Maintain office equipment and arranging for repair as needed; 2.) Keep adequate office and other supplies on hand and order as needed. 3) Monitor office budget(s) categories and keep expenses within appropriate limits 4) Initiate and ensure submission of office-related budget requests

Provide other administrative support as needed and as time permits.


Mission Ownership: Demonstrate understanding and full support of the mission, vision, values and beliefs of the congregation; can demonstrate those values to others; consistently behave in a manner congruent with the mission, vision, values and beliefs.

Integrity and Trust: Be seen as trustworthy by others; practice direct, honest and transparent communication; avoid communication triangles; keep confidences; admit mistakes; doesn’t operate with hidden agendas; respond to situations with constancy and reliability.

Attention to Detail: Catch mistakes; proofread and edit effectively; consistently attends to the many small pieces which must be assembled into an organized whole; follow up on missing or out of balance items; resolve unanswered questions needed to address a problem; keep the larger picture in mind while tending to the smallest details.

Informing Others: Provide the information people need to do their jobs well; help people understand the information and knowledge and its relevance to the task at hand; be timely and transparent in the sharing of information.

Time Management: Prioritize key tasks and ignore or minimize distractions; demonstrate focus; plan ahead; follow through on assigned and regular tasks; meet deadlines.

Communication: Be able to deliver a message clearly, articulately and with appropriate emotion in a variety of settings, including in writing; demonstrates communication styles appropriate to the situation at hand.

Initiative and Creativity: Work independently; research best practices; generate new ideas; propose and implement process improvements; experiment appropriately.

Interpersonal Skills: Establish good working relationships with all others who are relevant to the completion of work; work well with people at all levels of the congregation; consider the impact of their actions on others; use diplomacy and tact; is approachable; be collaborative.

Personal Resilience: Effectively cope with change and uncertainty; shift gears comfortably; decide and act without having the total picture; be able to function when things are up in the air; comfortably handle risk and uncertainty; be flexible.

Self-Development: Set appropriate personal work objectives, measure own progress, identify personal gaps in knowledge, understanding and skill; undertake appropriate activities to develop needed skills; seek regular feedback on performance; know personal strengths and weaknesses, be sensitive to changing personal and organizational requirements and change accordingly.


*UUCL leadership, on a case-by-case basis in light of all the surrounding circumstances, will determine a disqualifying offense. Generally, convictions for an offense involving children and/or for offenses involving violence, dishonesty, indecency and any conduct contrary to our mission will preclude someone from hiring.