This is an exciting time in the life of our church! As we shared a few weeks ago, our congregation has been gifted an awesome thing – a $10,000 donation to start a matching campaign to pay for needs and goals above and beyond the annual pledge drive and annual budget.  The Governing Board’s newly created goals gave us a starting point to determine the aim and scope of the campaign, which were further honed in consultation with the Finance and Stewardship Committees.

With this generous gift, we have created the Roots and Wings Matching Campaign and are thrilled to officially announce it to you.

This donor has given us a unique opportunity and inspired us to dream big and reach deep. To that end, we’ve created a 2:1 matching campaign; meaning, we hope to raise $20,000 to triple the donor’s money. Is this a stretch? You bet! One we hope will inspire and motivate and push us to new places.

With the money we collect, we aim to do the following items, listed in the order in which they would be completed:


1. $7,500 to pay for the removal of our old septic tank, and replacement with a new one. Paying for this vital infrastructure entirely through this campaign will allow us to leave untouched our Building Repair and Enhancement Fund to pay for other needs.

2. $5,000 to create an emergency buffer in our savings account. One of our Governing Board goals for this year was to support increased financial stability and the Finance team decided this was the first priority. Raising the floor of our savings account would greatly reduce the stress on our Treasurer and Finance team, as well as insulate us from future shortfalls and emergencies.


3. $2500 to pay for a part-time accompanist. Our volunteer accompanists have kept us in beautiful music for years and will continue to give of their talent on Sundays. But with recent departures, we find ourselves with the very real probability that we would have an empty piano on Sunday mornings. To ease the burden on our volunteers, to ensure we have music every Sunday, and to begin to professionalize our music program, we will hire a part-time accompanist for 20 Sundays. If this is successful, we hope to include this in next year’s budget.

4. $15,000 to pay for the remainder of the fees associated with a special exception waiver to allow us to build on our current property, and/or other avenues for increasing our space. Our Stewardship Team has already acquired $10,000 from our Chalice Lighters Grant, which, when combined with this $15000, would cover all our expenses to move forward in our application for a special exception allowing us to build an annex. However, if long range planning determines that a special exception is not the best option, we would apply these funds to other ways of increasing our space.

We are so excited about this matching campaign and hope you are as well. Join us in creating Roots and Wings – roots of increased savings and a new septic tank that will support our day to day functioning, and wings of new energy and stability in our music program and moving forward in our long term goal of building more space for our beloved community.

You can give right now by clicking on the donate button on our website and choosing Roots and Wings Matching Campaign, or by clicking here. You may also fill out a Roots and Wings Campaign pledge card found in our pews. Pledges are due by October 31st but may be fulfilled up to December 31st 2018.  Please note if you would like to make your donation in honor of someone. These names will be displayed in the sanctuary.

You may have questions and we would be happy to answer them! Please join us after second service next Sunday September 16th to discuss the Roots and Wings Campaign. Or you may reach out to Governing Board President Jenna Korff privately over email, text, or phone. 571-420-0362

Many thanks to each Board member, the Finance Committee, the Stewardship Committee, Jesse Aaron for the amazing Roots and Wings logo, and the generous anonymous donor, without whom, this wouldn’t be possible.

In love and gratitude and hope for the future,

The Governing Board of UUCL