UUCL is piloting our “Share the Plate” initiative in the 2018-2019 church year. Starting July 2018, the congregation will contribute one half of all undesignated collections received during services to support a specific organization or charity that aligns with, and advances, our UU principles.  

Sharing the Plate helps the congregation in several ways: further fulfilling our mission of embracing diversity, nurturing spirituality, and promoting justice in the world; creating a more tangible presence for UUCL in the local community; and allowing small contributions by our members to be combined together for a larger impact. Research has shown that congregations implementing Share the Plate programs see increases in levels of giving into the offer basket.

For the pilot year beginning July 2018, UUCL’s Share the Plate recipients are (by month):


How It Works

  • For this pilot year, the congregation has selected the 11 organizations listed above to support. A Share the Plate calendar will be created to designate each month for one of those causes, with the 12th month supporting the Minister’s Discretionary Fund.
  • All undesignated donations in our weekly collection plate will be split 50/50 between UUCL and that month’s selected organization, unless that donation is marked for a specific purpose such as annual pledge, service auction payment, capital contribution, or as a special collection for other purposes.
  • Any donations marked specifically “Share the Plate” will be given 100% to the organization.
  • Organizations we are supporting will be highlighted on the UUCL and Loudoun Falls for Social Justice websites each month, and in the Order of Service.
  • Each month, we will invite representatives of the designated organization to speak to the congregation or host an information table before, between, or after services.
  • We will regularly report out on the amount of money raised for each organization.  

Share the Plate Selection Process

  1. Every UUCL member is eligible to suggest one organization each year.
  2. Suggestions must meet the required criteria below.
  3. Suggestions must be submitted to Leigh Ann Macklin by midnight on Sunday, May 20, 2018. You may email your suggestion to leighannmacklin@gmail.com or fill out the form that will be at the back of church and place your suggestion in the nearby box.
  4. All suggestions will be vetted for eligibility criteria by members of the Share the Plate Team.
  5. All vetted eligible organizations will be announced by May 27, 2018.
  6. All eligible organizations will be put for vote by all members of UUCL at the Annual Meeting on June 3, 2018. Please note that proxy voting will be allowed in accordance with UUCL by-laws.

Criteria for Share the Plate

To be considered for participation in Share the Plate, the organization must:

  1. Advance one or more of the seven UU principles
  2. Be an IRS recognized 501c3 organization
  3. Operate in Loudoun County

It is preferred, but not required, that the organization:

  1. Offers individual UUCL members/friends an opportunity to volunteer
  2. Offers the UUCL congregation an opportunity to partner
  3. Provides UUCL with the opportunity to publicize the gift

More Information

Please direct any questions  to:

Jenna Korff, UUCL Governing Board President president@uuloudoun.org

Sandy Shihadeh, UUCL Governing Board Vice President vicepresident@uuloudoun.org

Gregory Scheib, At-Large Board Member Gregory.Scheib@yahoo.com