Holiday Pageant

Come enjoy this multi-generational holiday pageant!

NOTE: There will be one service only at 10:00 a.m.


As the winter solstice approaches, daylight is in short supply. Sometimes we may also feel that there is precious little light in our own lives. Solstice reminds us that though we sometimes despair, light will surely return to our lives again. Former UUCL minister Phyllis … read more.

Stone Soup

Stone Soup with Five Smooth Stones–please bring some prepared vegetables to contribute to the soup, which we will enjoy after service!

Music in My Life

For nearly his entire life Allan has been playing music. Today, he performs with the Loudoun Jazz Ensemble, the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra, and various jazz groups. As a follow-up to Saturday’s concert, Allan will be discussing aspects of jazz and will be playing his basses. … read more.