Burning Bowl Ritual

January 1st marks the start of a new year. Join us for a morning of reflection, meditation, and new beginnings as we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome the new year that awaits.

Christmas Eve – 10am Service

There will only be one morning service on Christmas Eve, and it will begin at 10:00am.

We will have a special collection for Gifts for Good, a part of the Loudoun Human Services Network. Gifts for Good is the perfect choice to make a gift in honor … read more.

I Thought She Knew

What if we judged people purely by their actions and not by the labels they or we assign?


Abundance–Thanksgiving Choral Reading and Bread Communion

Honoring Our Ancestors

the Religious Exploration Committee will be in the sanctuary celebrating our family and ancestors who have passed during our intergenerational service. Together we’ll call on the wisdom and beauty of El Dia de los Muertos and other celebrations to help us remember and honor our … read more.