Speaker: Allan Bentkofsky

Music in My Life

For nearly his entire life Allan has been playing music. Today, he performs with the Loudoun Jazz Ensemble, the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra, and various jazz groups. As a follow-up to Saturday’s concert, Allan will be discussing aspects of jazz and will be playing his basses. … read more.

This I Believe

Each year we invite several members to share their personal journeys to Unitarian Universalism. This year we have the privilege to hear members Ted Bernstein, Leah Cooper, Jason & Cristinaa Dwyer share their paths to UUCL.

How do we account for evil?

The typical discussion among those of Judeo-Christian backgrounds goes something like this: If God is omnipotent and beneficent, why does He allow evil? As UUs, is that the right question when asking about the existence of evil?