Religious Affiliations

Continuing with our summer series, we will investigate labels of religious affiliations. What do we gain from these labels? What are the dangers that can come from these labels? How do our principles guide our actions when confronted by labels?

Note: Religious Exploration is available during … read more.

I Want to Taste All the Notes

Just as in viniculture and musical culture, our own personal ‘Terroir’ nurtures and informs us, providing our lives with tastes of joy, sorrow and wonder with every sip.

Note: Religious Exploration is available during the service for children K-5th grade. Babysitting is available, and babies and … read more.

Labels – Uniting or Dividing?

We use labels to make sense of the world. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? This summer, our speakers will explore many of the labels we use, both for ourselves and others, and their impact on how we see and treat the … read more.