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To Who It May Concern

Exploring the worship of the written word and where it conjuncts with deeds, creeds and covenant.

Babysitting WILL be available this Sunday during worship service. Babies and toddlers are always welcome in our sanctuary during services.

What Else Is a Heart For?

How do we sustain hope in our increasingly challenging, and often heart-breaking world? Author, activist and ecologist Joanna Macy believes we are in a moment of revolution called “The Great Turning” in which we are transitioning to a life-sustaining society. Join Laura Solomon … read more.

May the Force Be With You

Finding our way somewhere in the midst of the Empire Striking Back and the Final Frontier–how holy curiosity helps us.

Religious Exploration for children and youth is available during the 9:30 service. Babysitting WILL be available this Sunday during both worship services. Babies and … read more.