Mother’s Day: Feminism & UU

Our Minister reflects with us on how modern Unitarian & Universalist women are building on their long patterns of prominent leadership in social advancements throughout American history.

Mystery: Where Does UU Come From?

Heretics and radical reformers denied church dogma to nourish the roots of modern Unitarian and Universalist theology. What difference does that make to US, here and now?


Yes, that’s a controversial sermon title, but, no, this will not be a political sermon. It will be, Mel hopes, a fresh way of looking at the divisions in the country and what those divisions may teach us as Americans and as Unitarian Universalists.

Rev. Robert Close

Rev. Robert Close is an ordained Presbyterian minister most recently retired from Naomi Makemi Presbyterian Church in Onancock, Virginia. Rev. Close lives in Purcellville. He leads workshops at Shalom Mountain, is a yoga teacher, and writes the blog Soul Nuggets.

Dice throw gods, and other ludic reflections

Freethinkers challenge us to consider the world as cultural texts, nature as scripture, values as the will to power (or property relations), and our dreams as latent desires. What can we learn if we consider religious expressions as systems of games? This sermon will ask … read more.