One Little Corner of the Storm

The interdependent web of existence is sometimes difficult to see. Natural disasters have a way of highlighting how connected we are to each other.


Ingathering of the Community to begin a new church year. Gathering of the Waters as a blessing for the church as a community and for the grounds upon which we are housed. Children are encouraged to be in the chapel for the service. Please bring … read more.

The Spirituality of Labor

What is-or can be-spiritual about labor? Can we find satisfaction and fulfillment of the spirit through our work? How can we celebrate-and share-the joy in our work?

Amending Spiritual Precepts

Is it necessary to revisit the big questions every once in a while? Have you altered your views on theological issues as you have gone through life? Should you?

Jesus: Human or Divine

Was Jesus Christ the son of God or merely a man? Does it really matter? We’ll explore belief in Jesus Christ and how his teachings and life can impact our UU belief system.

What It Means to be Human

What does it mean to be human? We’re tempted to answer with platitudes, but neither the scientific answer nor the spiritual one is clear and without some troubling aspects. We’ll explore the question from both angles, warts and all.

How do we account for evil?

The typical discussion among those of Judeo-Christian backgrounds goes something like this: If God is omnipotent and beneficent, why does He allow evil? As UUs, is that the right question when asking about the existence of evil?

Death & Birth

Where do we come from and where are we going? Come explore the teachings of various world religions on death, birth, and what it means for each of us.


Has anyone ever tried to save you from sin, error, or evil? Then youve been offered redemption! Come consider some new ways youu might practice our faith as a continuation of your own spiritual journey of “authentic redemption.”