Rev. Dan King

Revered Dan King is UUCL’s developmental minister.

Mother’s Day: Feminism & UU

Our Minister reflects with us on how modern Unitarian & Universalist women are building on their long patterns of prominent leadership in social advancements throughout American history.

Mystery: Where Does UU Come From?

Heretics and radical reformers denied church dogma to nourish the roots of modern Unitarian and Universalist theology. What difference does that make to US, here and now?

Beyond Truthiness: UU & You!

The 4th principle of our faith tradition calls upon us to affirm and promote a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” In this Sunday’s service, our Minister asks us to reflect with him on how we might be “responsible” to dispute dogmatic pronouncements … read more.

Love Is the Answer: What Is the Question?

Valentine’s Day has become an inescapable tradition in modern times, highlighting how certain romantic ideals are pervasive in our culture. Our Minister asks us to consider some of the reasons for this seasonal observance.

Moral Imperatives: Choices that Matter?

We who call ourselves Unitarian Universalists hold ourselves accountable for upholding and promoting certain common principles, including trusting democratic processes, even when it’s difficult. In this week’s worship service, echoing the ancient Jewish tradition of Yom Kippur, our Minister will reflect with us about how … read more.